Friday, May 9, 2014

Happy Mother's Day!

I may have teared up a little bit when Kee sat me down and read me the poem she decorated for me at school. 
Kee: What's wrong, Mummy?!
Me: ...*sniffle*.. nothing, really. I was just thinking that you are getting so big, and you used to be tiny, and you're ... *sniffle* just going to keep getting bigger.
Kee: ...
Me: I'm all out of babies! ...*sniffle*... I love my big girls, but I miss my tiny babies. You guys change so much every single day!
Kee: It's okay, Mummy. 
Me: I know, I'm just being silly. It's silly to miss someone who's sitting in your lap. 
Kee: And don't worry, I'll share my babies with you. Because I'm going to live with you forever!
Me: ... oh yeah?
Kee: *grabbing my face and staring into my eyes*... forever.
And now I'm slightly afraid. 


  1. I think those thoughts almost every day (my baby!).
    I hope your forever plans with Kee work out okay and not like a horror movie :P

    1. Thanks, Tasha :) The scariest part was when she told Husband "not you, Daddy, just Mummy." O.o