Friday, June 27, 2014

Today, It's On My Left Calf.

It's that time of year again. When you're dripping in sweat as soon as you step out the door, and by the time you've walked down the block, you just want to lie down until the sun goes away.

Or is that just me?

Today, that's not what I'm here to complain about. Let's talk about another reason why summer is so awful.

Stifling summer heat means shorts, and skirts, and tank tops, and various other clothing items that make us feel like we ought to be hairless. Time to start cursing whoever it was that decided that hairless legs were a trait that ought to (quite unnaturally, really) be exhibited by the entire female human population.

I applaud all of you who manage not to buy into it. I'm working on it. Really, nobody should care if I'm hairy but me. Conversely, I really shouldn't care whether anyone cares. I'm sure that part of the reason I can't just ignore this particular societal construct is the deeply ingrained taunting of a boy in grade four laughing at my downy legs, and nicknaming me "monkey girl". But my childhood psychological scars are beside the point.

Considering that I have bought into it, what's the big deal, right?

Well, let's put aside the fact that razors and things are expensive. Let's ignore the fact that bathing takes double the time in the warmer months. Let's overlook the extra cleanup that needs to take place in the bathtub solely because of the pursuit of "silky" legs. Let's even discuss the fact that big companies get rich off of our insecurities by propagating unnatural, and often unattainable, standards of beauty some other time.

Why exactly do I hate shaving my legs so very much? 

I always, without fail, miss a spot.


  1. Try having legs as long as a person. SUCKS. I'm with ya. Let's bring hairy back!

    1. We need to get more people behind us on this, Mar. We need more than two hairy legged ladies to bring about change on a global scale. Surprisingly, you're the only taker so far. ;)

  2. I SUCK at this. My legs HATE cheap razors, but I'M too cheap to buy the expensive ones every other week!! My only consolation is that I've learned that coconut oil works better than shaving cream, so I don't have to spend a lot of money on that IN ADDITION to the razors. :P

    1. I'll give the coconut oil a try. Of course that doesn't solve my one hairy patch problem... I'll have to keep working on that. :P