Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Apparently, I Lack Upper Body Strength.

We owned our house for a while before we actually moved in. It's not super far from our old place, but it is far enough that it wasn't really feasible to come up in the evening just to mow the lawn. When we were coming up on weekends, we spent most of the time painting and sorting out things inside the house, so the yards got pretty much ignored.

Which resulted in a waist high jungle of a front lawn.

When we finally got around to taking care of it, we decided to get a push mower. You know, because it's quieter, more environmentally friendly, cheaper... all good things.

Of course, mowing waist high grass is hard.

The first time we got out there with our push mower, we had offers from three different neighbours for real lawn mowers. Three. They nodded their heads, and knowingly asked if we were first time home owners.

We said thank you, and borrowed a mower to take care of the grass, because it was pretty obvious that our mower was, literally, not going to cut it.

The next time we tried again with our push mower. We found out a few things. Using a push mower is hard. Mowing on a hill is hard. Mowing weeds is hard. Mowing weird tufty grass with the tensile strength of airplane cable is super freaking hard.

Which is why the back yard has a rough square mown for the kids to play in, surrounded by tall grass and weeds, and the front looks like this: 

So, if you live near me, I apologise for my unruly lawn. We'll get the hang of it, promise.



  1. My neighbour cuts my front lawn. It's an odd shaped lot and he keeps his lawn perfect so he does our small front bit too. He's even seeded it.

    1. Your neighbour sounds lovely. I would bake him cookies.

  2. I remember my parents had a push-mower for a quick minute. No wonder they got rid of it. Lol.

    1. I want to keep trying, but I'm pretty sure Husband's going to cave and go out and get a "real" lawn mower when I'm not looking. ;)