Monday, October 20, 2014

I'm Still Considering Going Bald.

The thing about lice is that if you don't get in there and scrape the little buggers out, you never get rid of them. You have to confiscate soft toys, pillows, and blankets. You need to clean coats and hats. If one little egg survives that toxic shampoo, or the nit comb, you're in for round two.

Which is (sort of) okay when it's on the kids, because the grownups deal with it. A parent or caregiver (in my house, me) sits there and breaks their back picking the dreadful little beasts and their million eggs out of a kid's hair.

Usually, there's the unspoken knowledge that one person is in charge of this kind of stuff. It's usually the person who is more skeeved out by the idea of tiny bugs feasting on his/her children's scalps, because this person is not content with cursory glances. This person needs to check every single strand of hair. Multiple times.

I'm sure I've said before that Kee hates having her hair combed it. HATES it. Every morning, we go through the same argument when it's time to comb her hair then she gives in, but rails against the injustice of it while I tidy her hair into a braid.

I was dreading having to go through her head over and over again. 

You know what saved me? Netflix. Seriously. My daughter submitted to over twelve hours of hair combing, checking, washing, and more checking because I let her watch two seasons of Scooby Doo! Mystery Incorporated.

Luckily, we only needed Scooby, but I had a whole backup playlist, just in case. 


What happens though, when that person who does all the checking and obsessing gets it?

I asked Husband to check me that first night. He proclaimed me clear. I didn't believe him. I trust him, but dude doesn't always notice the dishes need doing, or the laundry needs folding; and my head was still itchy.

I called my sister. She found a bug almost instantly, but only a few nits. I used the shampoo on myself the same time I did Kee. Then I checked her head again, and found some more live ones. What the eff, dude. New supplies were in order. I got Husband to check me again.

This time he found a bug. "Is this one?" he asked, holding it out to me. So innocent. "Yes," I replied. "Any bugs that you find on my head should absolutely not be there." Time for a different shampoo.

I had my sister check me again. I had my mum check me. I had my Husband check me again, more thoroughly. After treating my head three times, after wearing a shower cap constantly for an entire week, after changing all of our bedding every day for that week, after being cleared by three different sources; I finally believed them.

What I really need though, is a way to check my own damn head.

*Luckily (knock wood, toss salt, spit &whistle, etc...) Beege never did get them. She wore a shower cap the whole week in the house, and avoided Kee and I like the plague.


  1. Eeep, that would NOT be a fun thing to deal with! So glad to hear that your house is now lice-free.

    1. They just skeeve me right out. The thought of things creeping through my hair and sucking my blood... ugh. So glad it's over. For the moment of course. Schools are an excellent place for the little buggers to thrive and spread.

      I've got a bottle of NYDA on standby in the medicine cabinet, just in case.