Monday, November 17, 2014

Mittens, Movies, and Me.

It's the first real snow fall today. The one where it sticks on the trees, and makes your messy backyard look almost beautiful. It's also the first day of snow pants, and lost mittens. No matter that I go through and carefully pair up the mittens and take out anything that's too small and make sure that there's at least one of everything for everyone before I put the winter gear away in the spring -- by the time I open the bag in the fall, some mischievous creature has gone through and taken them all apart.

Any matching ones are mine.

Kee somehow managed to break the curse and is currently (well, not currently, probably, but you know what I mean) wearing matching, waterproof mittens that actually fit. They even have her initials embroidered on them. We'll see what she's got when I pick her up after school.

Beege, on the other hand, is wearing mismatched gloves that belong to her daddy. (Who, btw, is the proud (?) owner of 6 left handed gloves and 2 right ones, from 8 different pairs.) I offered her the option of one of my smaller, actually  matching, pairs but apparently waterproofity* is more important than actually staying on when there is snow on the ground.

Me? I've got three pairs of mittens, of varying warmth, one of which has those nifty folding tops so that I can still use my fingers. I do weird things, like join their little hooks together so they don't separate, and actually put them where they go.

And after all of that searching they were, of course, late for school. The first day back after promising at parent night to make an extra effort to be on time. *sigh*

NaNoWriMo is going well. Mostly. I'm over 25,000 words in! Woo hoo! But I feel like I'm losing steam. Boo.

Instead of beating myself up about being under my goal for the day, I'm going to be happy that I wrote.  I'm going to write even when I don't really feel like it, and not worry that it feels stilted, because that what rewrites are for. I'm going to stop going back to change things, or edit things, or mulling over five sentences of dialogue for half an hour, and save all of that stuff for January and February.  


I'm also going to take some time out and watch a funny movie or two with the kids,  I think we'll start with "Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs", considering the inclement weather. Isn't there some kind of snowball snack cakes? I could pick up some of those, and make it a theme day. Oooh.... paper snowflakes. We should make some of those. And maybe we'll go out and make a snowfort. And when we're done with that, we can come back in and watch "Frozen", in honour of our poor icy fingers. Hot chocolate!

I just googled those "sno ball" things. They look disgusting. Maybe snowflake shaped pancakes? Cookies?

      1. Shrek Forever After
2. Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs

3. Despicable Me
4. Dr. Suess' The Cat in the Hat
5. Kung Fu Panda 2
6. Mr. Popper's Penguins


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