Monday, November 24, 2014

No. NO. NOoooooOOOoooo!

Last night Husband and I sat on the couch together and worked on our novels. After about an hour typing away on my laptop, I decided that I'd like to take a break. Maybe watch a show. After checking my word count, I realised I had written almost 2000 words. It was a good place in the story to stop so I figured I might as well finish for the day. I saved, and popped out the USB stick. Then realised that I hadn't properly ejected the USB stick. Husband told me that it was probably fine, so I opened the file again, just to check.

1,785 words.

Do you know that place you go to that is like... past upset? Where there's ringing in your ears,  your eyes go kind of blurry, and you feel like your innards are missing? Shock. I think that maybe I went into shock.

"There are only 1,785 words here."
"What?" my gallant husband asked, looking up from his own novel.
"1,785. Words. That's all that's here," I said, turning to look at him, my eyes wide.
"Okay," he began, very calmly, "you need to click on 'file', then..."
"I need you to do it," I interrupted, with a hint of hysteria in my voice.

I felt entirely betrayed by my laptop. How could you, Penelope*?! Husband put his own laptop down, and I gingerly placed Penelope on his lap. Then I pulled out my iPod and started playing a bubble popping game where you save baby pandas from an evil monkey, and tried to ignore what was happening. Husband put the USB stick back in and clicked a few times. "Hunh," he said, frowning, and continued clicking. "That's weird."

My heart leapt into my throat. 'That's weird' cannot be good. I steadfastly continued ignoring him, and saved baby pandas as tears began to roll down my face. Lost. Gone. Deleted. Disappeared. Down the drain. Departed. Flown. Done.

'That's it,' I thought to myself. 'Done.'

"How many words did you say you had?"
"Almost 39,000," I answered, hope flaring in my chest.
"Ah. Not 37,000?"
"That's where I was yesterday," I said, disappointed yet relieved that anything at all had been found. I can come back from losing 2000. There is still hope!
"Let me try something," he said, clicking and scrolling and doing computery things.
"Okay." I saved another panda.
Long story short; Husband saved the day, because he is a computer magician. He found my files, saved the whole thing in several places (just in case), and then offered to make me tea while I curled up under a blanket to get over my mini heart attack. He is the best person in the whole world, and I need to get him a really really nice present.

38, 785 words down, 11,215 to go.

*Yes, my laptop has a name, and that name is Penelope.


  1. I was holding my breath. That is the worst feeling. I've been there. I'm so glad your husband is a computer genius! What a relief...

  2. You know you have to do some "sucking up" right...?

    1. Kyla! *stern look*

      Innuendos aside, I'm thinking Star Wars Lego.

  3. Oh. My. Goodness. That must have been one of the worst feelings in the world! You must have been so utterly relieved when it all go recovered.

    1. So relieved. I still refused to touch my laptop for the rest of the night though. Because that makes total sense. :P

  4. I ... I ... I can't imagine. That would be AWFUL. As I was reading this, I realized I was holding my breathe. YOU ARE SO FORTUNATE.

  5. Ugh. I'm glad he was able to recover your work!