Friday, November 28, 2014

Saltines are for Sick Days.

This morning, Kee woke me up by wandering into my room with a bucket, and saying "I don't think I should go to school today, Mummy."

I tucked her back into bed, checked to see if she had a fever (not really, but a little warm), and decided to let her stay home. I went downstairs to grab her something small to eat, and she had fallen asleep before I could get back up with some water and a piece of toast.

Beege got off to school, and I sat down to write. About an hour later, Kee came bouncing down the stairs and said "I feel all better, Mummy. Can I watch TV?"

"Well, kid," I replied,  "if you're home from school because you're sick, you rest in your bed. That's the rule."
"Sorry pal. You can have all the books you like, and I'll bring up a workbook if you want."
"I want to go to school then."
"You think you're well enough to go to school? You're still pretty warm, and you look kind of tired."
"Okay then, we'd better get you dressed. Are you sure?"
"Can I watch TV?"
"Okay. I want to go to school then."

Then she threw up in my hand.

She's back in bed with a handful of saltines and a bucket, and (after sterilizing my hand) I'm getting back to my writing.

45,674 words down, 4,326 to go.


  1. Totally thought she was faking for a moment. Until I read the hurling part lol :(

    1. Lol... For a minute there, I thought she'd been faking too!

  2. Urgh. I remember sick days spent throwing up. Not fun! :(

    1. Kee's got an iffy stomach, like me. Usually, she throws up once and then she's perfectly happy and feels all better. She was actually sick this time - slept the entire day.