Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Ah, Cookies.

Yesterday, my sister was here visiting with the baby, when I started feeling a little bit dizzy and cold, and kind of pissed off. She just happened to have a glucose meter in her purse, so she made me test my blood.

Have I mentioned I hate needles? Apparently, this includes little tiny (almost invisible) needles. I was a big huge baby, just ask her.

Anyway, I had a low reading. So she has lent me her meter and I'm going to be checking my blood throughout the day, for a week.

Today, I've been testing regularly and the readings have been on the low side of normal. I also did a random test when I was feeling irritable and cold. Guess what? Irritable and cold coincided with another low reading.

Hopefully all this means is that I can cure my mid-afternoon sluggishness and irritability with cookies. That would be awesome.

"Sorry kids, these aren't cookies; they're medicine."

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  1. I've always wondered if I had that problem too. Now I want a meter. And cookies.