Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Cheese Day.

My husband loves words. His favourite ones though are the strange ones that most people don't use. The problem with those words, of course, is that if they're not in common usage, you don't always know how to pronounce them.

He was a very smart kid - voracious reader - and no one ever bothered to correct his mispronunciations. And really, how often is a word like "acrostic" (which he used to pronounce "ack-roe-stick") going to come up in conversation with a fourth grader?

So I correct him. I'm good like that.

I think he's really grateful that I don't let him leave the house sounding like an idiot.

Sometimes, though, there's a perfectly ordinary every day word that he pronounces oddly. On these occasions, he sometimes doesn't believe me that he's saying anything funny and we get into a "chow-DA" versus "chow-DAIR" type of debate. Then I just sit back and wait for outsider confirmation.

Kee: Daddy, can you make my breakfast? Is it time to get up? Is it Friday?
Husband: Yes, I can make your breakfast. Yes it's time to get up. No, it's not Friday, it's Tuesday.
Kee: It's NOT Cheese day! I don't like CHEESE. If it's CHEESE day I have to eat CHEESE!
Husband: ...

Although, to be fair, he doesn't say "CHEESE day", he says "CHOOSE day."

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