Saturday, November 12, 2011

I'm In Love.

So. My sister had this baby and he is absolutely adorable. I was a little too tired when he was born at 1:30am yesterday to fully appreciate him. He was soft and lovely and stuff, but if you've seen a brand new, right-out-of-the-mum baby, then you know that they are kind of icky.

I mean... lovely, of course, but they're still all covered in gunk, and there's goop in their eyes and you can still see the aftermath on the floor.

Tonight, when my sister brought him over, he was all tidied up and wrapped in the cute little monkey-covered pajamas that my girls both wore. He smells wonderful now. And he makes the sweetest little scrunchy faces, as if he's just been sucking on a lemon or something; which doesn't sound all that adorable, but it totally is.

And I love him. I love him (almost*) as much as if he were my own.

I've already started making him stuff. There's a couple of outfits in the works; I'm making some pants and shirts out of a few of my grandpa's old shirts. He's actually named for my grandpa (who would have been ecstatic to have another boy in our girl-dominated family), so it seems fitting.

The girls think he's very cute; Kee was very proud of herself when she "touched him very gently!" They're not really as interested as me, of course, since he does exactly nothing at the moment. As soon as he does anything other than poop and spit up, they'll be much more excited.

Although still not as excited as me.

*I'm pretty sure that I have to say that or my sister won't let me hold him again. She already thinks I'm going to try and keep him.


  1. Me too! (Especially after they've wiped the goop off. ;) )

  2. you did try to keep him! :oP
    He's sleeping peacefully, as cute as can be.. I really need to find my camera. we'll bring him to visit again soon, don't you worry.

  3. That's so awesome!! New babies are the best smell in the whole world.