Friday, November 11, 2011

It's a BOY!

Yesterday started out badly. There was the usual morning nonsense getting the kids up and out. I broke my favourite mug while grumbling through doing the dishes. A stranger at the school informed me of a possible problem concerning Beege at school. I stepped in dog diarreah on my way home.

Seriously. It was not going well.

Then my sister called. My very, very pregnant sister had broken her water and was on the way to the hospital! I was so excited that I was bouncing off the walls and babbling.

My husband came home to take the girls off my hands so I could go to the hospital to witness the miracle of birth; because, to be quite honest, I have no idea what was going on when I had my kids.

Beege took 16 hours* and I didn't take the epidural until hour 13. I don't remember most of it, and once I had the epidural, I was so out of it that I didn't even know there were complications requiring flipping and suction and extra doctors in the room and stuff.

Kee was so quick that I almost had her in the hallway.

So. My sister's pregnancy has been pretty horrible, with plenty of vomiting and discomfort. She was put on partial bed rest towards the end and could not WAIT for it to be over.

Unfortunately, she didn't follow my pattern of a difficult pregnancy meaning an easy labour. She was in labour for twelve hours, and it was a little complicated because of the difficulties of the pregnancy. It was also kind of gross.

[While I was aware of the grossness that happened at my own labours (especially the long difficult one), exactly how gross hadn't really registered.]

She projectile vomited in my face.

Which I will forgive her for, because my water broke on her shoes.**

It was long and it was hard, and at the end of it all was a beautiful, perfect, amazing baby boy. And despite all the difficulties, she was already talking about the next one before they finished her stitches.

I get a new baby, and all I had to do was take a little vomit in the face; totally worth it.

Oh, and a big thank you to my favourite little sister for doing all that work and giving me someone new to love. You did great!

Now if you'll excuse me, I didn't get to bed until after 4am and I need to convince my daughter to let me have a nap.

*She totally owes me a cruise.
**I think we're even.