Friday, November 25, 2011

Oh, Sh*t.

Lately, I've been gently urging Kee towards using the potty. There is absolutely no point being heavy handed because I've never met anyone as stubborn as my little girl. I KNOW that I'm the parent here, but using the toilet is one of those things that parents really cannot control.

You can lead the kid to the toilet, but you can't make them poop. I do wish she'd hurry up and decide that she's ready though. Because really? At this point, it's not "poop" anymore, it's shit.

She has started doing some "big girl" things all on her own lately, like getting dressed without help and taking her dishes to the sink without being asked, so I'm hoping that using the toilet will become part of her repertoire soon.

Today, when she looked as though she was going to poop, I asked her if she wanted to use the toilet. No, she most certainly did not. She did, however want to know what, exactly, poop is anyway?

So I drew her a picture of the human digestion system. We talked about it in simple terms; down your throat into your stomach where the stomach acid helps eat the food, then through the big tubes called intestines that soak up the nutrients, then out your bum. She was very interested.

Then she asked about pee. So we talked about how her bladder is like a balloon and when the balloon gets full, she has to pee.

Then, she took the pencil out of my hand to draw her own diagram for me.

Apparently, this is what she got from the conversation:
"So. This," she says, pointing to a cirle, "is my head. Then I eat and my heart pushes the tummy garbage into my tummy. Because my heart is here," she elaborates, pointing at her belly button. "Then there is an alien who comes and he gets eaten by the big monster that lives in my mouth. He makes the acid. And there's a balloon for pee. And I have a big tube, that's attached to my vagina. Because that's on my head."

I'm just glad I wasn't trying to explain where babies come from.

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