Saturday, November 19, 2011

Sometimes, The Grass IS Greener.

Years ago, before we had kids, before we were married, my husband (then boyfriend) and I received a flyer for dance lessons.

We thought "What the hell? Could be fun!" and signed up. We went to a few lessons, and unfortunately, we really really sucked. Work got in the way, we found that we didn't have enough time, and we sucked so much that it didn't seem like a big deal to give it up.

Today, we spent the day dragging Kee through Sears, kicking and screaming, to get the girls new snow pants and boots. Beege slept over at my mother's last night, so we had to drive up there to get her after we finished the shopping trip from hell; during which, I bought exactly one of the items that I needed to get for myself. (Which, really, is more than I usually get to do.)

My mother will no longer take both girls overnight. It wears her out too much. I realised on the way home, that my husband and I will not have a night alone again until the girls are much older.

I really wish that we'd spent more time dancing.


  1. once we move and Des is all settled, we'll be able to take one while mum takes the other :o)