Monday, June 25, 2012

Summertime, and the Livin' is Easy.

About this time of year, the conversation among the parents waiting after school mainly focuses on one thing: "What are your plans for summer?"

While the answers vary, the thing that usually doesn't is the fact that the kids are scheduled right up until September. Whether it's summer camps, classes, or trips to Australia; the kids are scheduled.

Except in my house.

We are not scheduled at all. We have a list of things that we'd like to do (make ice cream, go to a movie, build a fort, sleepover at Grandma's...) but nothing set in concrete, and nothing with a date attached. Whenever anyone asks me what we're doing (and looks horrified that we're pretty much doing nothing) I mumble something about missing the deadlines to sign up for things.

I'll tell you a secret. I didn't want to sign them up for anything.

We spent the whole school year rushing around, packing and unpacking the backpack, making lunches, braiding hair, finding lost shoes, and being late; I wanted to relax. I wanted a sleep-in option. I want to be able to decide that it's a perfect day for a picnic, or maybe to spend the day watching Disney movies and painting our toenails.

We are going to take it easy. Isn't that what summer is for?

We're going to be doing a lot of this.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

"I Hate Yogurt!"

 Kee loves yogurt. When they started giving out little mini yogurts with happy meals at McDonalds*, we were all pretty happy about it. Then of course, one day, Kee stood up on a chair, crossed her arms and announced to the room, "I hate yogurt."

Fine. But they still give you the yogurt, whether you like it or not, and I hate wasting anything, so what the heck were we going to do with all these tiny yogurts cluttering up the fridge?

Shove a stick in them and call them yogurt pops, that's what. If I can convince them that it's some sort of treat, I can get my kids to eat almost anything. (Remember the lima bean cookies and spinach smoothies?)

Of course, I didn't know how I would keep them all upright in the freezer. Luckily, I also had a plastic egg carton sitting around. Also luckily, they are the exact right size to hold these yogurts.

 Just cut the bottoms off, and you're left with a handy little holder.

Throw them in the freezer over night, and you end up with some yummy frozen yogurt pops!

*We go to McDonalds once a week. I need at least one meal that I don't have to cook or clean up after; judge me all you want.

Monday, June 18, 2012

Red Delicious.

So. Remember a while ago, I was complaining about some small animal or other getting into my strawberry plants? This is an ongoing thing with me. I actually planted them last year; when we did not get a single berry. Every. Single. Time. The animals would get there first.

Well, I decided that I wasn't going to take it anymore.

Armed with a hand saw, some old bed slats, and some chicken wire, I constructed a cage for them. I even lined the bottom with chicken wire so that the little digging bastards wouldn't be able to get them that way.

They're my freaking strawberries, and I'm going to bloody well eat some.

Super gorgeous strawberry cage.

This is usually the last I would see of any strawberries.
They made it in the house!

And even though we've only had about 15 strawberries, and even though they're only about the size of a dime, I'm pretty pleased with myself.

I just wish that whatever it is that was doing it hadn't decided to move on to my lavender.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Now You're It!

Sorry that it's taken me so long... I know that I made some vague noises about "tomorrow", but it just didn't happen. So here, finally is part two.

First: Eleven Random Facts (about me).

1. I really, really, like dill pickles. Sometimes I eat them until I get sick. Then I feel stupid and vow never to do it again. This vow usually holds for at least two months.

2. In university I was in a radio play called "Home". I played a teenaged girl named "Jane" who was a witch. There was a Scottish accent involved and I had a lot of trouble with the line "Angus! What are you doing in my room?!"

3. When I was little, I had a tricycle with a giant front wheel. To me, it seemed like one of those incredibly tall bikes that you see in old timey pictures, ridden by suited gentlemen with handlebar moustaches. It was painted a pale shade of pink lemonade.

4. I have, at various times, taken classes in French, Cantonese, Mandarin, and German. I know a few words in Spanish, and a poem about using the toilet in Icelandic.

5. I love office supplies.

6. One of my favourite movies ever is The Wedding Singer. Other favourites come and go, but that one has stuck around since highschool.

7. I think that laziness can be a valuable weight loss tool. ie. I'm too lazy to brush my teeth twice at night, so if I do it right after supper, that's it for me and food for the evening.

8. I love having exercised; it's the getting up and exercising in the first place that gets me. (The same goes for cleaning, actually.)

9. I am afraid of failing. I am also afraid of succeeding. This is somewhat limiting.

10. Do you remember that show about the couples who went and spent a year living as pioneers? I would love to do that.

11. I would love to have a complete vegetable garden to feed my family from, but I kind of suck at gardening, and my family won't eat vegetables.

Now to tag the next players in this little game!
Your mission (should you choose to accept it) is to give eleven random facts about yourself, answer my eleven questions and then pose eleven questions to other bloggers.

Pyra at Pyra Lives
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(Of course, since I left it so long, a lot of the people I'd tag have already been tagged - Tara at Faith in Ambiguity and Beth at Word Nerd Speaks, to name a couple...)

Here are your questions, ladies:

1. Name a book that somehow changed you. How?
2. If someone were to cook you the perfect meal, what would it be?
3. Who do you want to be when you grow up?
4. You find a wallet containing $20,000 on the ground, containing no identification. What do you do?
5. Name one completely irrational fear that you've got.
6. Give me three songs that you're embarrassed to admit you like.
7. What is one thing you absolutely love about yourself?
8. If you could be doing ANYTHING right now, what would it be?
9. What's the best thing that happened to you this week?
10. If you could perfect one skill overnight, what would it be?
11. Tea or coffee?

Okay. Go.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

I'm It!

I'm  pretty sure that this is all supposed to be one post, but I'm going to have to break it up into at least two. For some reason I am decidedly unable to get more than five minutes at a time for pesky things like writing my blog, and I want to give this the attention it deserves.

What exactly is "this"? A game of tag! I got tagged by Tangled Lou over at Periphery, and I'm doing my best to keep the game going (especially as it's my favourite kind of tag, with no awkward running and unattractive sweating); although it is by now the slowest game of tag ever. (Sorry)

First, I will answer the eleven thought provoking questions put forth by the lovely Ms. Lou:

1. If there were 5 birds in your yard, which one would you eat? And why?
The chicken. Nobody specified what type of birds, so I'm going to assume that one of them is a nice chicken roasting on a spit in my barbecue. Otherwise, the answer would have to be none; I doubt I'd be very good at catching a bird (or any other animal), and the thought of plucking one (or just digging in while it's still covered in feathers) is just... well, it wouldn't happen. *shudder*

2. What's the best thing that happened to you when you were 7 years old?
I honestly cannot think of a single thing that happened to me when I was seven, so apparently nothing spectacular was going on. It may have been the year that I was in "Oliver Twist" at school (as an Orphan, a dancing girl, and the narrator's granddaughter); if so, I'm going to pick that.

3. If the mob was going to take one of your fingers to recover a debt, which finger would you give them? Why? (Or would you do that thing where you flip the table and grab the giant meat cleaver from Vito?)
 If I got the choice, I would give them the ring finger on my right hand. It doesn't really do much, and I don't wear jewellery other than my wedding ring. Of course, now that I'm typing, I'm rethinking that one; that finger is responsible for some fairly important letters. So if Vito was a little guy, I might try and grab the cleaver. Of course, Vito probably wouldn't be alone, would he? So even if I escaped, I'd have to run somewhere far away and start a new life. Which might be fun. But if I was feeling lazy, yeah, the right ring finger. Might be easier to relearn to type than to hide from the mob.

4. If you were to throw a drink in someone's face, what drink would it be and why would you do it?
It would probably be water (because I wouldn't want them to get burnt and/or sticky, and with no ice, because I'm nice like that), and it would most likely be because we had previously arranged to stage a fight in a McDonald's. (I have been trying to get someone to do this with me for the LONGEST TIME!)

5. Someone gives you a gorgeous mink coat for a gift, would you wear it? Why or why not?
 I would have to decline. Or maybe give it to someone else. I just couldn't look at it without getting a little teary. I do have a leather jacket (that I love), but for some reason, furs make me a little queasy. Maybe it's a little too close to grabbing an animal, pulling out it's innards and throwing the skin on your back? I don't know. It's the furriness of it.

6. You are trapped in an elevator with the following people: Elton John, Kathy Griffin, Jimmy Carter and John Malkovich. What do you do? Would you take pictures with your cell phone?
Nice tie, right?
First things first, I would position myself as far away from John Malkovich as humanly possible, because that dude freaks me right out. I would hope that Kathy Griffin didn't feel some need to entertain us all (she can get quite loud), and that Elton John did. Maybe we could take turns singing the wrong words to his songs (ie. Hold me closer, Tony Danza). I don't know a darn thing about Jimmy Carter, except that he was President once, so I would compliment his tie. I don't have a cell phone, but if I did, I would try and get a picture of me with each of them (even Malkovich - I did have a snake on me, after all) and a group shot with everyone making a silly face.  

7. Who did you want to be when you were 13? Are you that person? Why or why not?
When I was thirteen, I wanted to be an actress. Not an overly famous one, but a working one. Sadly (?), no, I am not that person. Why? Well, it just didn't work out. I went down a different road, and there haven't been any opportunities to start walking that one again. Yet. But who knows what the future holds? It's not likely, but it's not impossible.

8. If you found a finger in your burrito, would you set it aside and keep eating? Why or why not?
I would probably run it back to the kitchen to see who lost it and whether they could re-attach it. I probably wouldn't eat the burrito, because I don't even like it when other people's attached fingers touch my food, but hopefully whoever lost it would be willing to shoot me a new one on the house. (Although, if someone lost a finger in a burrito and it was still business as usual, I might decide to try somewhere else instead.)

9. If your navel dispensed the condiment of your choice, what would it be? Why? I'm thinking salsa. It's good on almost everything. Also, it smells pretty good; I like mustard but wouldn't want to be "that girl who smells like mustard".

10. Are you a ferret person?
Most decidedly not. I'm not really an animal person at all. I am afraid of almost all of them. Seriously. Fish and bunny rabbits bother me.

11. You are given an award for something you are very proud of. You get up to make your acceptance speech and they hand you a box of teeth. Does it throw you off? What do you do? Would you proudly display it on your mantel?
The box of teeth would throw me a little. However, it's an award for something I'm proud of, so I'd go with it. I would definitely display it on my mantle, because then I would get to to talk about winning my award without bringing it up myself all the time. Then when I got sick of telling the story, I would find some classy looking bigger box to put the box of teeth in, and display it that way. Although, I probably wouldn't get sick of the story, because uhm... I won an award... so maybe I would bedazzle it and add feathers.


At this point in the game, I should be coming up with eleven interesting facts about myself (hmmmm...) and posing my own eleven questions to the people that I tag... and I know you're breathlessly waiting to see who that will be...

However, due to Time's stubborn refusal to present itself in usable blocks, and my apparent inability to finish a sentence... 

To Be Continued...