Monday, December 17, 2012

Timothy's Last Words.

Dear Mother,

I've been here for a while now, and like you said, it has taken some getting used to. There are definitely some of the horrible beasts you warned me about. There are three of the huge ones, a couple of little ones, and a large furry creature. I stay out of their way.

When I first got here, it was a little difficult to fit in. But then I met a new friend. He seems to be the leader around here which, I must say, has made it a little easier to be accepted. 

I am starting to worry though. It is quite obvious that the monsters don't like sharing this space with us. Even though we only leave our area at night, and only to procure food, they have left traps for us. They want us gone.

I, myself, have not made any forays into those terrifying places. As I said, my new friend is a leader of sorts, and he chooses who will go. He is aware of my reticence, and I imagine that is why he hasn't sent me.  He tends to send those that he doesn't care for. Or those who have outwardly disagreed with him. Which is what worries me, Mother; I have been quiet about it, but I haven't agreed with him, lately. 

We've lost three so far. The first two made foolish mistakes, they wandered too far and stayed too long. We still aren't quite sure what happened to them, but they certainly never made it back. But the last time... well, he was one of the best. He'd been talking lately though, saying that it was pointless to remain in this place. The monsters have been clearing away any of the food, and laying more traps. He was starting to have a following of like-minded individuals, who also wanted to leave. 

I saw him, Mother. He was hanging out of the floor, dangling where the monsters could see him. I am positive he was poisoned. Put there, for all to see, as an example to the rest of us. I shouldn't even be writing this.

I've told my friend that I am coming to visit you for the holidays. I should be leaving in the morning. I won't be coming back here though. I miss you and the others, and I just don't like what's happening here. 

I've got to go now, Mother, I'm to meet my friend for supper. 

Much love, 
Timothy S. Mouse