Thursday, March 21, 2013

Bobs & Lolo: A review.

I don't know about you, but some children's music makes me want to rip my ears off. It's unfortunate, but a lot of it is so peppy it's manic and/or it speaks to children like they're idiots. When Beege was a baby, I made it my mission to find something that she would love and I could stand.

Enter Bobs and Lolo.

I first stumbled upon them on Treehouse TV, and I fell in love. Not only are they easy to listen to, but their songs are educational. They've got songs about everything from the water cycle ("Raindrop Pop"), to provincial birds ("Honk for Canada"), to healthy eating ("Snappy Snacks"). They manage to be upbeat without being hyper, and Husband the musician is very impressed with their musicality. I listen to them sometimes when the kids aren't home, and am not the least bit embarrassed to find myself humming any of their songs in the lineup at the grocery store.

We were lucky enough to be able to go to one of their shows over the Family Day weekend in Whitby this year, where we got to meet them and found that they are just as lovely as their music.

The show was great, despite some technical difficulties in the beginning, the kids danced around up at the front, and I wasn't the only parent who was singing along with every song. We went to their second show of the day, and I'm sure they were pretty exhausted by the time they got to the meet and greet, but they were still energetic and made a point of having a little chat with each child.

I only have one complaint, and that is that they sold out of their new album "Connecting the Dots" before I got to the merchandise table.

Monday, March 18, 2013

She's Perfect! Except...

Well, as you know, Kee roped me into making her a mini version of myself. The idea being that she would have a mommy to hug when she needed a bit of extra comfort, even when I wasn't around.

So I spent a while designing a doll and making her. I modeled her shape on Kee's baby doll, and dressed her just like me. I lovingly hand stitched every little piece of her. I made sure there were no poky, itchy, or scratchy bits so she'd be nice to cuddle. I stuffed her to just the right firmness; floppy, yet sturdy.

And Kee loves her. She drags her all over the house and has slept with her every night since she got her. She thinks she's just perfect.

Except that the doll "Mommy" doesn't hug back.

I think Kee overestimates me.  Just a little.

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Mini Me.

Kee has a number of things that she MUST have before she'll go to sleep.

It started out as one blue blanket. Then it was two blue blankets. Then it was two blue blankets and a doll named Baby. Then it was blankets, baby, and a stuffed dog named Charlie. The latest addition is a giraffe that my friend brought back for her from Africa. Which is small and hard to find, so, perfect.

The other thing is me. Every night, I snuggle her in and sing her a song or two after all of her other bedtime stuff has been taken care of. Which is fine. Unless I'm not here. Or she's not here.

I'm not even sure how it came about at this point, but I somehow got roped into making her a Mummy doll. That looks like me. But is squishy like her Baby. *sigh* I think it may have even been my suggestion. And she jumped right on it, because now she won't have to miss me when she sleeps. Which may curb her habit of getting into my bed for a snuggle a few times a night? I live in hope.

So anyway. I started making her this doll. It's actually going to be super cute, if I do say so myself. It's going to be wearing black pants, a white t-shirt, and a blue hoodie; which is sort of my uniform.

When I showed it to Kee, she said "why are the legs black?"
"Well, honey, because Mummy wears black pants."
She looked at me, puzzled.
"What? What's wrong?"
"She should be wearing different pants!" 
"Why? I wear black pants almost every day." Now I was puzzled.
"No you don't!" she insisted. "You wear pajamas."
 I looked down at my flannel pants with the skiiing penguins on them. Oh.

I finally convinced her that since this mummy wasn't going to have snowpants to cover up her jammies, I should put her in black pants in case Kee wanted to take her out of the house. Because I never wear pajamas out of the house if people will be able to see them.

You gotta draw the line somewhere.