Tuesday, September 24, 2013

And Now, a Rambling Post About Blissdom Canada 2013.

Okay. So. Last year, if you recall, I went to a Blogging conference called Blissdom Canada. I was extremely nervous, I didn't know anyone, I kept tripping on my pants, and I almost came home in the middle of the day. I stuck it out though and I learned some things, met some people, and it was good.

Next week, I'm going again.

This year I'll be staying at the hotel (got some roommates, even!), so I'll have somewhere to hide if it gets overwhelming, and just having that option makes me feel better already. Also, because I'm staying over, I'm going to make it out to the parties! One of my goals for this year is to try and socialize more.

I'm not going to worry so much about my clothes. I will try and look neat and approachable, but not dwell on it. Last year, I ended up borrowing "businessy clothes" from a friend and was thoroughly uncomfortable in pants that were three inches too long. I've decided that it's more important (for me, anyway) to be comfortable than to be wearing nice pants. So please, don't look at my pants. Especially if you have something against yoga pants. Because I may be wearing some.

This morning, I signed up for the micro sessions I'll be attending*, so I can stop worrying about one thing at least. I've been having dreams about everything that could possibly go wrong (forgetting to bring pants, not being able to remember my room number, going to the wrong hotel, throwing up, etc...), but hopefully that will all be out of my system by next week.

The one thing that's already better about this year over last year is I'm on Twitter. The only reason I signed up for Twitter at all in the first place was because your twitter handle** was a necessary field to register for the conference. THIS year, I've been on Twitter for a while and have been able to connect with a few people, so I'll have some friendly faces to look for.

Now I just have to remember to bring pants.***

Blissdom Canada

*Growing An Engaged Social Community with Chris Read, Finding Your People How to make bloggy friends (and why it really matters) with Kyla Cornish, and Blogging & Etsy with Tara Kolesnikowicz. In case you were wondering.
**@JustMumBlog ... there's a nifty little button up there on the right...
***And yes, I do realise I'm overly focused on pants.

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Phone Gnomes.

Yesterday evening, I got a facebook message from my mother. "Can you have Beege call me, I'd like to talk to her about our butterfly project.*" Sure.  I thought it was sort of odd that she just didn't call Beege herself, but we do most of our communicating over facebook these days, and maybe she hadn't wanted to call because it was close to Kee's bedtime... so I told Beege we were calling Grandma, and went to the phone.

No dial tone. Hunh. Very odd.

So, after an evening spent unplugging and replugging our phone (still nothing), checking the phone on Grandma's phone line (the phone was fine) and even taking it to the demarcation point** to make sure that was working (it was), we had no idea what was wrong. The phone could have been out for days. I hardly ever call anyone, and it's usually only telemarketers (or my mother in law) that call us, so we just didn't notice.

So we called Bell and organised a repair visit.Which, of course, I'm unhappy about. I was going to have to wait at home today from noon until five in the afternoon. Did you catch that? I was going to have to.

Five minutes ago, the phone rang. It was Bell testing the line. I thought perhaps they'd done something on their end. They said no, and suggested that perhaps a phone had been left off the hook, and someone had finally hung it up. We only have the one phone, so I know that's not it. The phone line appears to have spontaneously fixed itself.

I'm grateful that I won't have to deal with repair people, but I can't help wondering what was wrong in the first place, and whether or not it will decide to stop working again.

The only explanation I've been able to come up with is gnomes. 

*Beege and my mum are going to plant a butterfly garden to attract monarchs, as Beege is interested in studying them.
**Apparently where the phone line comes into the house has a fancy name.

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Cross Country Running.

In grade one, Beege decided that she wanted to be on the Cross Country Running Team. (Capitals, because it's a big deal.) Unfortunately, she couldn't join until grade two. So she had to wait. She finally hit grade two, and sadly, the teachers were on work-to-rule, so there was no team for her to join.

This year, activities are resuming, and finally, she gets to be on the team. Which is awesome. I'm all for encouraging sports for the girl who can spend three hours reading in the exact same position. Especially non-competitive, everyone-can-join, sports. The perfect gateway sport.

There is one thing that sucks though. She's seven. So her getting up early and getting to school for the practices means that I have to get up early and get to the practices. Which means that I have to get Kee up early and drag her to the practices. But that's okay. We can do this. Three times a week. Sigh.

Day 1: The girls were up, I was up, breakfast was eaten, people were mostly dressed. Lunches/snacks were packed. Things were looking good. I should have known. Turns out, we were going to be getting ready to leave the house exactly when Husband is getting ready to go. Usually, we'd still be sitting at the table, groggily eating our breakfast, and the fact that he was taking the time to shave wouldn't be a problem. Today, however, there were four people trying to use one bathroom at the same time. But we got there. Almost on time, even.

Day 2: I had to constantly remind everyone that it was a Cross Country day and we had to leave earlier. Every five minutes, Beege would zone out, I would remind her, and she'd resume getting ready at weird, cartoonish, hyper-speed. Until she zoned out again. Repeat. Kee, who normally dresses herself with no problems, chose today to decide that socks hurt her feet (and scream about it). Husband stayed out of the way though, so we managed to make it almost on time.

Day 3: The girls got up fifteen minutes early. Beege dressed herself and made her breakfast. They both did a remarkable job of getting up and getting themselves ready to go. They even cleared their plates and made their beds. Hair was combed, teeth were brushed. We had time to spare! Of course, it had been raining all night, and looked like it might rain again. So we didn't go.

We'll get it right next week. I can just feel it.

Friday, September 6, 2013

Overheard at the Dinner Table.


KEE and BEEGE are sitting at the dining table, eating their supper. KEE stares at BEEGE. BEEGE pointedly ignores her, and concentrates on her apple slices.
Kee: Beege?
Beege: (looking up) Yeah?
Kee:What's your teacher like?
Beege: She's nice.
Kee: Is she a vampire?
Beege: (indignant) What? No! She is NOT a vampire.
Kee: Does she have a shadow? Because if she doesn't have a shadow, she might be a vampire.
Beege: If she was a vampire, she wouldn't have been on yard duty.
Kee: Oh. That's true. (pause) Does she blink?
Beege: Of COURSE she blinks. Everybody blinks.
Kee: Zombies don't. She could be a zombie. I think she's a zombie.
Beege: She. Is not. A zombie.
Kee: Well, you should probably be careful at school, just in case.
Beege:  ...
Kee: I'd like to be a zombie. Everybody would be scared of me. I would be a good  zombie though, I wouldn't eat any brains. I'd be like Mozart.


*I've met Beege's teacher, and she seems lovely. She is likely neither a vampire, nor a zombie. 

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Camping: The Final Installment.

Just so you know, camping wasn't all bad. We did have some very nice days, and above all, the kids enjoyed it. I think they even kind of liked the excitement of running through the rain in the middle of the night. (When I asked them to draw a picture of one of their favourite things we'd done during the summer, Kee came up with a picture of me sleeping on the floor at Grandma's.)

The girls baked some cupcakes with Grandma.

We had a big bucket of glow-in-the-dark beads...

which we used to make key chains.

We played with a lot of these toys.

We had a fire every night, despite the rain.

I've only got pictures of the first day though because when I yanked everything out of the tent to dry it out and move it, I somehow managed to put my bed back in on top of the camera and didn't see it again until we were packing up to leave.

And now I can get back to writing about important things, like the fact that Beege chose her fall jacket based solely on the fact that it looked "perfect for detective work."