Monday, December 29, 2014

There's Always Tea.

There is something about all of us being home at the same time that makes it impossible to write. It may be the complete and total lack of more than five minutes of quiet. Or the fact that there are three other people who want to get on the computer. Today, miracle of miracles, I managed to get on here before anyone else is even up. Which, now that I think about it, is going to be a HUGE problem next Monday - it's 9:08.

Am I a terrible person to admit that, as much as I love my family, I'm missing the structure that comes with a work/school week? Meh. I'm terrible then. Seven more days of chaos, then back to a schedule! Of course, there are challenges when they are in school too (says the lady whose kids are late half the time even though they live ACROSS THE STREET!).

There's the wrestling them out of their beds at 7:00, the begging them to please put clothes on (why is that so hard?), struggling to make lunches interesting so they'll at least eat part of it, the daily finding of the (hopefully finished) homework, and the fruitlessly searching for something that everyone will actually eat that has at least some nutritional value for dinner.

I'm okay at making proper meals for myself, but as soon as you add in the children... it gets tricky. What's the point of making a lovely healthy meal, when someone is guaranteed to tell you it looks like barf and ask for a peanut butter sandwich? Then there's the fact that Husband doesn't get home until it's been cold for at least an hour. It's disheartening, to say the least. At this point, sadly, it's become "dump it out of a box and throw cheese at it", because who cares?  One of my new year's resolutions should probably be to cook healthier food or something.

All that being said - I do have a kitchen tip for you. Don't worry, it's about the one thing I am good at. Tea.

Have you ever made yourself a nice cup of herbal tea, and in your rush to relax and enjoy it, taken a sip and burned half your face off? No? Just me?

Well, anyway, I came up with a solution.

Slice up a lemon, and put the slices in a freezer bag. Lay them flat in the freezer if you can, so they don't freeze together. Once they're frozen, you've got something to bring your drink to a reasonable temperature, and give you a touch of lemon. I've done it with Raspberries and strawberries too, and it tastes good, but it does leave a gross, pulpy mess at the bottom of your cup. Besides, there's something elegant about a lemon in your tea. 
It also saves you from throwing out a dozen moldy half lemons from the back of your fridge. No? Still just me?

Monday, December 8, 2014

Ohmygod, She's NINE.

This weekend, a number of awesome things happened.

First of all, this amazing girl turned nine.

Beege at 1 month.

Nine! This is a fact that I am still trying to wrap my head around.

Her birthday was on Saturday, and in a happy coincidence, we were invited to a Netflix preview event at the Scotiabank Theater downtown. Aside from the main event, there was pizza, candy, colouring, and dancing... the girls had fun, and I didn't have to plan any of it!

All Hail King Julien airs Dec. 19th on Netflix.

If you've been here awhile, you know about my ongoing struggle with the boxes. On Saturday night, a miracle occurred, and now my living room looks like this:

Apparently, the fact that my entire family was coming over for a birthday party on Sunday was just the kick in the pants that we needed to actually do something about them.

(But do me a favour, and don't look in the laundry room, mmkay?)