Monday, February 9, 2015

Of Course It Is.

This morning, after five hours of restless sleep, I got out of bed. I made sure the girls found clean clothes to wear. I made the girls breakfast. I made them their lunch. I made sure that water bottles were clean and filled. I combed and braided hair. I found projects and library books. I made sure that backpacks were packed.

As Kee stood in the hallway, complaining about the waterproof mitts I was insisting she wear so that she could play in the snow at recess without getting frostbite, we heard the school bell ring. Frustrated, I stomped my foot and said, "crap. You're late! What happened? we were running on time! When did it fall apart?"

She replied, "I'm not sure what happened, but I am sure that it's your fault."

And because I am a very, very, nice lady, I'm still going to let her live here.

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    1. I laughed my head off once I shut the door behind her! My fault... why I oughtta...