Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Happy Birthday, Victoria!

So. Here in Canada, we just had a long weekend. I spent Saturday in bed, nursing a migraine, so I can't tell you what went on, but the rest of the weekend was pretty great.

On Sunday, the girls and I walked (the girls scootered) over to my sister's to check on the progress of the painted lady butterflies that we're studying. At this stage in their life cycle, they look like nasty little greyish pickles.They're kind of neat, but only for about five minutes.

Then, after the girls picked dandelions for an hour, we headed back home. On the way home, Kee hit a bump and had a rather spectacular wipeout. (Why is it that when there's one kid was ahead, and one behind, it's always the one you're not looking at at the moment who does something weird?) I ended up carrying both scooters home, while trying to reassure Kee that her hand probably wouldn't fall off. I was so focused on scooters and children that I went right past my husband who had walked out to meet us.

That, or I don't recognise him at all when he's wearing sunglasses and/or not in the proper context of my house or the car.

Not a pickle.

We got ourselves a pizza, then put the kids to bed at around eight or so. That's also about when the fireworks started. Around ten o'clock, it became entirely obvious that they were not, in fact, going to be able to ignore the multitude of fireworks going off in the neighbourhood and settle down for the night. Knowing when we're beat, we told them to get dressed and took them for a walk around the neighbourhood, taking advantage of the fact that all our neighbours were setting off explosives in their yards. It was a beautiful night, and we managed to find a great spot in the school yard that let us see fireworks going off in the yards surrounding the field.

On Monday, nothing was open, it being a holiday and all. Wait a minute! The Ontario Science Center is open every day except Christmas, and we are lucky enough to have a membership!* So we packed a lunch, and headed down for a day of science. That place is awesome. There truly is something for everyone, and they get new exhibits all the time. (I'm anxiously awaiting the Myth Busters exhibit opening in June.) We were there for the entire day and there are bits that we never got to. I really do need to go spend a day there by myself.

We got home, I went upstairs to change into pajamas (yes, the second I stepped in the door), and before I even got back downstairs someone had broken their arm. No, really.

Sister incurred fracture.

Apparently, Beege was on the floor, under a duvet, pretending to be a rock. Or maybe hiding? I'm still not sure. Anyway. Kee did what Kee does when confronted with a big pile of comfiness, and flung herself off the couch, onto the duvet. There was a crack, and screaming, and now the poor kid is in a cast for the next six weeks.

Lessons we learned this Victoria Day Weekend:
1. Chrysalises look like tiny pickles.
2. There is no point trying to sleep when there are fireworks going on.
3. Free stuff is awesome, especially when there's science involved.
4. Always check under blankets before hurling yourself on top of them.
5. Maybe don't hide on the floor under blankets.

*Thanks, Mum and Dad!