Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Ruminations on Reading. Or Not.

I've always preferred print books to e-books. They just seem more "real" to me. Nothing beats the feel of a brand new book in your hand. Cracking it open for the first time and immersing myself in a new story... bliss. I held out on the e-reader thing for a really long time, actually, not even giving them a chance. I was quite the snob. Then I got given a Kindle. I grudgingly tried it out.

The fact that I can get books out from the library in the middle of the night, and carry six different books in my purse while only having the weight of one pretty much sold me.

I've stayed away from audio books though. I mean... e-books are one thing, but to not even read the words myself? Well that's just lazy.

And then I started getting frequent migraines. To add insult to injury, my migraines come with these really interesting visual disturbances that make everything look as though I'm looking at it cross-eyed through a tank of water filled with sparkles and strobe lights.  All I can do when I've got one is lie still with my eyes closed and wait til it goes away. It's very boring. I've tried reading through one, but even with my e-reader set at the largest font and line spacing, I couldn't. So I sucked it up, put aside my worries about sub-par voice actors and bad accents, and tried it out.

The first one I tried was awful. I didn't even make it through the first chapter before I was so annoyed with the voice actor that I gave it up. Put me right off unfortunately, and it wasn't until this past weekend that I tried again. I had somehow managed to get book one and book three in a series, and the only book two available immediately from the library was the audio version. *sigh*

I listened. I suppose the trick to audio books is finding the voice actor to suit the book, and Moira Quirk was the perfect choice for Gail Carriger's Finishing School series. She has single handedly revived my interest in audio books. Brilliant.

Do you listen to audio books? Any recommendations? Any favourite voice artists?

Oh! And I've finally joined GoodReads, so feel free to come find me over there


  1. Wil Wheaton has done a ton of audio books (including some of his own). I haven't listened to any yet, but I'd like to. Also, the British audio book release of Harry Potter was done by Stephen Fry.
    I try to love my e-reader, but I do most of my reading on public transit, and it triggers my motion sickness. Boo.

    1. Husband's got Wil Wheaton reading Ready Player One somewhere. I should give that a listen - checks a few different nerd boxes in one go. ;)

      I'm guessing your e-reader doesn't do audio? Transit would be the perfect time for that.

  2. I absolutely love audiobooks. I actually wrote a brief post about it yesterday (but scheduled it for the weekend). Neat timing. I love going on walks with an audiobook. It is my favourite thing. I also do housework, crafting, etc with audiobooks too.

    I was actually introduced to the Harry Potter series on audiobook, as read by Jim Dale. He is brilliant. Does all the voices and it is so much fun. I have since read the books, but my first go with them was in audiobook format.

    Another great reader was for the Dresden Files by Jim Butcher. The entire series is read by James Marsters (Spike from Buffy). Really well done too. A great reader definitely makes the difference!

    1. I had my book going while I painted my writing/craft/hiding-from-the-kids room. It was the best! Definitely something to keep in mind while I'm crafting. I usually have the TV on, but it's not like I'm actually watching it, so the audio books will be a better option.

      I'll add the Jim Dale Harry Potter to my list, and I'll be on the lookout for the Dresden Files too. I read a few of them years ago, and I seem to remember enjoying them... and I love James Marsters. :)