Thursday, May 7, 2015

Seven Things About Writing.

My friend Lillian tagged me for this, and you know I can't resist a list...

1. I am always writing. I may not be sitting in front of a computer, or holding a pen, but there is always a story working itself out in my head. A lot of writing is sitting around with a cup of tea/coffee/whatever, staring off into space, so it looks pretty easy. But...

2. It's hard. Having an idea is one thing, sitting down and writing it is another. I can play out entire novels in my head, the details of someone's entire life from start to finish, but as soon as I sit down in front of a blank screen I have trouble. For example: I'm writing a novel. I have the whole of the story in my mind, down to the shoes the protagonist is crunching leaves beneath as she runs across a darkened street. But sitting my butt down in a chair to finish it off is giving me trouble. It's also scary. It seems to me that any creative endeavour would be. Imagine ripping out a little piece of your heart, tying it up in a bow and handing it to someone to see what they think. That's what showing someone else my work feels like.

3. It's kind of lonely. I need to be alone to write. I have trouble concentrating if there's anyone else even in the house, whether they're near me or not. It bothers me that someone might be reading over my shoulder, and I can't stifle the niggle in the back of my mind that tells me not to get too into what I'm doing because someone is going to come and ask me for a snack any minute. However...

4. Writing can be a way to meet people and make connections. If I hadn't started this blog, then I never would have even known that some of my favourite people (Lillian being one of them) existed. 

5. Everything is a story. Everything. Whether it's Husband being late home from work (late meeting? accident? traffic? detour?), or an interesting town name (why is it called that? do they have a rivalry with another town? is it a poor town? rich town? does a serial killer live there?), or even a chair on a lawn (why is it on the lawn? whose is it? how long have they had it? was it a gift?) everything is a spark.

6. You need to read to write. At least I think you do. I feel like exposing yourself to as many different genres and styles of writing as possible expands your vocabulary and your world view, and makes you a more interesting writer.

7. It's like therapy. Writing, whether it's a blog post or a short story, is a way for me to work out all the tangled thoughts in my head. My mind is constantly jumping from idea to idea, like an overly caffeinated grasshopper. Writing makes me sit down and focus on an idea or feeling, and that's something I need to keep my head on straight.


  1. I so feel you on the whole other people needing a snack/help going potty/a random thing that only makes sense if you are under the age of 7/etc.
    Good luck with your novel too! I'm sure it will be amazing when it is done!

  2. Wonderful thoughts on writing! And the quiet house? With that, comes a huge loss in material (for me, anyway). <3

    1. Lol... yeah, I only want them gone while I'm writing. Then they can come home, be ridiculous, and give me more to write about. ;)