Tuesday, July 28, 2015

I Guess I lied?

I said I was going to write more. I honestly meant to. I'm sorry. Really.

I've been feeling a lot better lately. Which essentially means that I'm able to stay awake, even when I'm sitting, and I don't have roiling nausea all the time. I still run out of steam pretty quickly though, and if I don't eat the second I feel hungry, I'm in for feeling barfy for the rest of the day.

This time around, I'm showing a lot earlier, and things are already getting a little tight. I went shopping for some maternity clothes with my sister (she's due in October!), and we were sorely disappointed with what we found. I'm trying to get it together enough to make myself some long(er) tops to wear with yoga pants. In the meantime, tank top and pajama bottoms it is.

I did manage to put on actual pants, and drag myself to the Quilts at the Creek show that I go to every year with my mum - my sister and her family came too this year - didn't manage to take any pictures though. Luckily, they've got their own website you can have a look at, and they've posted plenty of pictures. If you're at all into quilting, or just enjoy admiring amazing work by talented artists, I'd recommend checking it out next year. (Also, I just love the village.)

I've also gone and gotten my first look at the Bean.  I was watching one of those "your baby this week videos" with the girls, and the line that keeps running through my head in a soothing voice is "your baby is starting to look more and more human"... well, good. You know how most 13 week ultrasounds look like a cross between a squirrel and a chicken? That's what I was expecting. Our Bean looks surprisingly a lot like an actual human baby, which is very reassuring because I'd been having dreams that s/he had no face. The ultrasound tech assured me that, as well as a face, it has two arms, two legs, a spine, a heart, AND a brain!

Looking more human every day!

The long and short of all this me-feeling-awful-and-falling-asleep-everywhere though is that my kids' summer vacation, thus far, has sort of sucked. As far as I'm concerned, anyway; they've actually been quite lovely and understanding.

I feel like a jerk though. I haven't really taken them anywhere, and we haven't really done anything. It's been super hot, which makes the nausea ten times worse, and I'm not the best with heat in the first place. As soon as I go a few days feeling mostly good, I'm going to have to make it up to them.

For now, they still love me because they're getting more screen time than usual. If I can't take them on any real life adventures right now, at least I can let them enjoy some vicariously through Netflix. I mean, really, where would I get a dragon, anyway?

They're in love with Dragons: Race to the Edge. The series takes place between the first and second movies, and follows Hiccup and Toothless on their adventures to explore and find more types of dragons. I've mentioned before that I'm a big fan of the Cressida Cowell series of How to Train Your Dragon books; well we loved both of the movies, and we are pretty happy with the new series as well.

They watched all the episodes the week they were released, and are now waiting impatiently for new ones. I don't know how they got the idea, but they seem to think I'm actually in charge of these things. For now, they're satisfied to play vikings and dragon riders themselves, which in itself is awesome, but I hope I'm feeling more normal/mobile soon, or we're in for a mutiny over here. 

Thursday, July 16, 2015


Alrighty. So I haven't been around much lately, and here begins a list of my excuses:


The kids.


Okay, just one excuse really. Made up of a few parts.

1. The kids are home for the summer. They are animals. I honestly don't think that I fought with my siblings as much in my entire childhood as these two have in the past few weeks*. It's amazing really how they've managed to distill "sister bugging" into a fine art. They are masters. It's not a marketable skill though, so I'm trying to convince them to move on. They feel they have more honing to do.

2. I don't seem to be able to write with distractions. I've been working on it, but I haven't yet managed to completely ignore the eruptions of screaming from the basement every few minutes. 

3. I've been laying-on-the-couch-trying-not-to-move sick for the past couple of months. And when I'm not fighting nausea, or breaking up fighting sisters, I'm asleep. I fall asleep in the middle of sentences. Book on my face. Propped up against the wall on the stairs. Drool everywhere. It's not pretty. Number three is the size of a kumquat, and already asserting him/herself.

Did I forget to mention? I'm forgetting a lot of stuff these days. Yep! Who's got two thumbs and is totally pregnant? This guy right here! (You know... me.)

So between coralling the kids who are running around outside of me, and trying to stay conscious in spite of the one rolling around inside of me... I'm exhausted.

At least I think that's where I was going with that.

And that, friends, is my super stellar pregnancy announcement.

*My mum would probably beg to differ, but it's my blog, so nyeah.

Sunday, July 5, 2015

June... Is Over?

I don't know how it happened. One second, it's Kee's birthday, right at the beginning of June, and the next, I'm watching fireworks and thinking, really? What the heck have I been doing?

Having the kids home all day every day has been a huge adjustment for me. I'm used to having at least a few good hours of complete silence in my day. It has taken just one week to realise that I won't have even a semblance of quiet again Until September. Am I terrible that I'm already looking forward to it? Don't get me wrong - I love having my kids around, I just also love having some time to breathe and actually focus on what *I* need for a minute.

As a result, I'm instituting a daily quiet time. You know that part of the day just after lunch when it gets so hot that you don't really want to move anyway? Perfect. I dub thee "Quiet Time". With capitals, because it's important.

I will be napping. The kids will most likely turn their nose up at such an idea, so I'm going to loosen the reigns on screen time a bit and let them work through a list of pre-approved Netflix titles.

We're going through a bit of a throw back period with our viewing these days. The kids are all excited about things that I used to watch when I was a kid. Some shows like My Little Pony and Scooby-Doo!: Mystery Incorporated have been updated and revamped, while one of my personal favourites The Magic School Bus is the same excellent show I remember from watching with the kids I babysat. (Sadly, though it is available, they have no interest at all in Jem, so I'll have to watch that on my own time.)  There are also some excellent new shows, in particular Dragons: Race to the Edge (which takes place between the first and second movies), that they're stoked about. 

But that only takes care of an hour or so every afternoon. What to do with the rest of the summer? Once again, I'm leaving things to fate, so we're wide open here.

What are you guys doing? Any super fun ideas  that I can steal?