Tuesday, September 22, 2015

We Got a Popcorn Maker!

So a couple of weeks have gone by since the beginning of school... things are looking good. I still haven't really gotten anything done (except embrace the joy of napping), but I've got plans. Big plans. Okay, no I don't really. My plans thus far consist of "clean something" and "write something". Both plans need me to sit down and focus on them so I can figure out where to start. And I'm a little busy with the naps.

See? Just a dude! Not scary!
Beege is doing great at her new school. She's making friends, joining teams and clubs, and loving taking the bus. She's not doing so great with the homework, but it's a focus issue more than anything. Something to work on.

Kee is enjoying being back at school and reconnecting with friends. She has a different problem. She seems to have stumbled on all sorts of new things to be afraid of. She's decided that being on a floor of the house by herself is scary. Being in the washroom at school by herself is scary. Being in the dark is scarier than ever. She's collected all of her fears and personified them as "the Grinch". The live action movie version (which I hated), not the cartoon version (which was lovely). I will never forgive Jim Carrey. I'm trying really hard to be patient with her (we even did a little research about Mr. Carrey to show that he is just a guy, and not really a scary green monster that sneaks into your house at night), but the later she pushes her bedtime with tears over the Grinch, the harder it gets. He was the voice of Horton in Horton Hears a Hoo, for crying out loud!

Perfect excuse for Movie Night is what I call this.

In the midst of all my doing nothing, Beege's homework struggles, and Kee's bone deep conviction that the Grinch would bother to hide in her closet, I decided that we needed a movie night. Not just any movie night; a movie night with a popcorn bar. Even better, Netflix sent me all the fixings, so I didn't even have to leave my house to get things organised!

My kids were so excited to pull out all the treats, and oddly excited by the popcorn maker, declaring it the coolest thing ever. I like that it's far less chemical-y than microwave popcorn and just as easy. Amazing how we humans can make good things bad for us in the name of convenience.

Anyhoo. Our movie of choice for the night: Freaky Friday. Now I watched this movie when it first came out... oh geez.. 12 years ago, and I thought it was cute. This time, I watched it with my daughters scrunched up by my sides, and it was completely different.

My girls are going to be teenagers soon. I've already had a taste of the door slamming and accusations of "you're ruining my life" from Kee (she's SEVEN, dammit!), and I can see B becoming distant from behind her books and technical manuals (she's really into robots and tinkering right now). This silly movie, made me cry and re-evaluate my relationships with my daughters. I cried. Because of a Lindsay Lohan movie. But it was just so... and they didn't understand... and then they did... selfless love!

I'm thinking next time we'll try the Lizzie McGuire movie. Nothing for me to cry about in that one. Right?

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