Monday, October 26, 2015

Aaaaaaand, We're Back.

I've not done that well in the "write every day" arena this month. I have reasons though, reasons, I tell you!

First there was Blissdom. If you've never heard of it, Blissdom Canada is a conference for bloggers and "social media influencers". Basically, a bunch of us hole up in a hotel/conference center for a weekend and meet new people who know what we're talking about, share our experiences, and learn about the business of social.

Canadian Lentils threw an epic party. I fell in love with Lentil Beignets.
There are always amazing sponsors who take part. Vaughan Mills kicked off the weekend with a shopping experience, Chevrolet Canada provided shuttles to attendees, and Blue Mountain  sent us off on some really amazing excursions (like a visit to the Scandinave Spa) to give us a taste of what the area has to offer. I got to work personally with one of the sponsors (more on that later), and I even somehow won a teeter totter from sponsor Active for Life, so my kids forgave me for leaving them for the whole weekend.

Sadly, it was announced that this will be the last year for Bliss in its current form. They will be putting on smaller local conferences though, so if it's something that interests you, keep on eye out for them!

Maybe my favourite part of the weekend.
The best part of the conference for me though, has always been the people. I've met some really amazing people over the years, who I am proud to call my friends, and this year was no exception. I met new bloggers, finally put faces to the words I've been chuckling about on Twitter, and got to catch up with friends from across the country.

It was great, but it was also a really exhausting weekend and I'm just starting to recover now.

The other big thing that's been going on around here: My sister had her baby! She makes the most adorable baby boys around.

Honestly, I'm jealous. My baby has started doing karate in there or something, and all of a sudden things are intensely uncomfortable.  If you don't hear from me for a few days, just assume I'm propped up somewhere in a nest of pillows having finally found a comfortable position that I'm refusing to leave.

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