Friday, October 2, 2015

He's My Favourite.

Most of the stories that I post on here have to do with me and the kids. Primarily because most of my day, most of my time, most of my headspace has been devoted to them for years. Someone else does live with us though, and he gets mentioned occasionally, as though he's a visitor who pops in every once in a while to get us to laugh, or hang out with the kids so that I can get a much needed break; but I don't very often just talk about him.

So today, he gets his very own blog post.

Husband and I met in University. During my Frosh week, actually (he was a Frosh Boss). We were both commuters, and as such, spent frosh week camped out with a bunch of other commuters in common rooms so that we didn't have to go home at night and miss any of the late night parties. He offered me a couch to sleep on when he noticed me camped out on the floor, and gave me his coat to use as a blanket.

We were friends for a long time before we were anything more, and I think that will always be the most important part of our relationship. All these years later, I find that I like him. Like, really LIKE him. He is the one I always want to talk to, always want to see, even when I'm not in a mood to see or talk to anyone.

He's not perfect, by any means. In fact, I think I might like him a little less if he was. But his imperfections mesh  well with mine. I'm the one that keeps us running on time and remembers to feed the kids. He's the one who keeps us thinking rationally, even when I've already assumed the worst. I'm the one who reminds everyone to eat vegetables, and he's the one who reminds me that playing with Lego is time well spent.

I am also aware, even if he isn't, of just how many times I would have fallen apart completely so far if it hadn't been for him.

Anyway, long story short: I'm really lucky that he was able to see past my flaws (or somehow find them endearing) and embrace the big bundle of crazy that is me, because I have gotten to feel super smart every day for the past sixteen years for choosing to spend my life with someone like him.

Love you, Sparky.


  1. it's awesome that you were friends first. I think being "friends" with your partner is an extremely important thing

    1. I completely agree. It's certainly possible to love someone when you don't like them, but it totally sucks.