Thursday, October 8, 2015

I Was Hungry When I Said That.

Now that the nausea is, for the most part, a thing of the past, I'm ravenous. I'm the kind of hungry that, left untended, could cause some serious problems.

Take last night for example.

Husband got home a little later than usual, but I'd been waiting for him to get home to have dinner with him. We decided we would order Chinese food. Of course, then the kids staged a mini revolt, and bedtime was extended by at least half an hour, which meant that by the time we finally got around to thinking about actually ordering the food, it was after 9:00. Which for me is past the ordering dinner threshold. If you order past 9:00, you may not be eating until 10:00, then you don't get to bed 'til 11:00, and you get up at 4:00 with raging heart burn anyway, so really no point.

So what to do? Husband is nice, so he offered to make me a sandwich. I'd had a sandwich for lunch, I'd be having a sandwich for lunch the next day, and I really didn't want one now. He offered again to order something, I declined. He offered to make anything else that was in the house. I almost cried, and told him that I hate every single thing there is to eat in the house, and I didn't want any of it, dammit.

He was also hungry by this point, and so he started making himself a sandwich while I contemplated the open cupboards, getting more and more despondent. Then I told him that if he finished off the sliced turkey, I would stab him. And I totally wasn't joking.

He finished making his sandwich, and backed out of the kitchen, where I had begun putting together a plate of veggies, yogurt and toast; none of which I actually wanted to eat.

About half an hour later, after consuming my thrown together dinner, I realised that I had threatened to stab my husband. Over lunch meat.

All this is to basically say that I'm sorry for whatever horrible thing I said to you when I was hungry. Really, really sorry. I'm usually very nice, I swear.


  1. I have so been there! I hope your next meal is much more satisfying.

    1. It was. He wanted to avoid that whole stabbing thing, and ordered Chinese the second he got home the next night. He's a smart guy, that Husband.