Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Maybe In a Box?

I fell off the wagon a little bit this weekend. I started out with really good intentions about writing every day, but then I just forgot. I'll blame my family. For some reason, when you go and hang out with them, they prefer you to actually like... talk to them and stuff. Also turkey, I blame turkey (Happy Thanksgiving, Canada!).

Anyhoo! I did manage to get a start on covering that ugly ottoman.

A little tip for any of you who may be thinking about adding some additional "beans" to a bean bag anything: have your vacuum handy. Those little beans try to escape the second they feel a breeze. I am pleased to say that I managed to develop a system with a barely opened zipper, a cardboard tube, and a rubber band that minimized loss. The vacuum was still very necessary. Those things hide everywhere.

Since I'm me, I didn't bother with a pattern, or helpful things like measurements. I had to rip the whole thing down a few times before I checked in my handy Complete Guide to Needlework to figure out how to make a flat circle. It was published in 1979, so the patterns are... very 70's, but the basics don't really change, and this is my go to book any time I need to figure out a basic shape or stitch pattern.

Once I figured out the circle thing, it went a lot more smoothly. Now I just need to crochet what is essentially a giant hackey sack with no bottom. So far so good!

I've got to put it aside for now though, because it's time to frantically look for all the things I could have sworn that I knew exact locations of, and hope to find them in time to pack for Blissdom. Which is on Thursday. Things like those business cards I have two hundred and fifty of. Contact details on bar napkins are acceptable, right? Ugh.

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