Tuesday, March 1, 2016

I'm Back!

For the next fifteen minutes or so, if I'm lucky.

So Bean, like her sisters, decided not to be born on her projected due date, and made us wait an extra week. I think she was just being convenient though. She was born on the Friday morning of the Family Day long weekend, meaning that everyone could just stay home and lounge around in pajamas without making any special arrangements.

Ever since then, she's been on my chest. She hates the sling, she can't abide the bassinette, and she barely tolerates her bouncy chair (although, thank goodness, if I time it just right, she will occasionally sleep in it for a little while.) Which, as you can imagine, makes it hard to do anything. Like, at all. I'm relearning the skill of doing everything one handed.

Which basically means, that we've been doing nothing but lying around on the couch with Full House re-runs playing to keep us company. I'm sure you've heard about the Full House reboot, Fuller House. The kids and I had been watching some of the original in anticipation.

I was pretty sure they'd think it was too cheesy, but they think it's HILARIOUS. They've been re-enacting scenes, and it's not uncommon to hear "remember when Uncle Jesse said [whatever he said] and then Stephanie said [whatever she said]?" followed by gales of laughter coming up from the basement.

After watching episodes of Fuller House though... I won't be watching them with the girls any time soon. I think that this show is particularly good for grown up fans of the original, with a lot of self- referential jokes, and episodes that seem like updated versions of the old ones. My girls, at 7 and 10, are a little young for a lot of the jokes. I'm not up to explaining any drug references, what the kama sutra is, or why it's not a good idea to let complete strangers get you drunk on shots.

Luckily, Netflix has plenty of other family friendly shows for us to choose from to watch in our copious amounts of downtime over the next few months while Bean and I try and sort out some sort of routine together.

Speaking of... gotta go, her highness awakes. Talk to you soon!